You will be excited to be Introduced to this Bargaining app for Shopping and Servicing


Are you someone who is pro at bargaining?

Do you avoid online shopping because of fixed rates?

Would online bargaining excite you?

Shopoholic App
Shopoholic Buddy App

Ask anyone who loves bargaining at shops; they will tell you how fun it is. It is also exciting to get the product or service you wanted at your price. The sellers are real, the buyers are genuine, and bargaining via chat would give you an adrenaline rush. These negotiation conversations are thrilled as there is always a vulnerability to losing the product and also excitement to get the product at your price!

Who doesn’t like the ups and downs of the adrenaline pump? ?

Bargaining app for Shopping and Servicing

Replace your online shopping preferences to Shopoholic Buddy

Shopaholic Buddy is giving a personal touch to the customers who are looking for goods online at their rates. Be it fashionwear, footwear, or electronic products – you can get everything on one platform from all the shops across the city at the price you want!

Online Shopping Made Cost Effective by Shopoholic Buddy

Shopping is no fun if the bargain is not a part of it. Shopoholic Buddy ensures to give you the best customer experience while bargaining so that your true for shopping never fades away 

Negotiating app

To give the customers a steal deal, Shopoholic Buddy has come up with a creative solution to provide the customer with the product or service they want by allowing them to chat with the seller to make a deal.

Bargain Online Process Simplified in 3 steps

Chat – Negotiate – Buy

All you have to do is chat with the sellers online to get the best price for your product. Use your best bargaining skills to get the product you love at your price. Once you have finalized the negotiation deal for your product, you can directly buy it. 

You also get a chance to ask the sellers who will guide you to buy the best product in the market according to your budget and requirement. 

Shopoholic Buddy takes care to ship the product to you with the best delivery partners so that you get the product in the best condition at the right time.

How our sellers are your true buddies 

Apart from just selling products online, we also provide expert advice to meet your daily breakdowns. Apart from this, you will also get buddies for fashionwear and cookery. They will help you transform your fashionwear in a wardrobe and give you some cooking tips too! Also, you can find a yoga trainer with us!

Shopoholic app

So, do you see how the sellers here become your buddy so that you enjoy shopping thoroughly? Shopping is fun and thrilling when the sellers directly talk to the buyers, isn’t it? If you have been missing this, then we ensure that your shopping is done right!

Place a Request with Us through Product Hunt

Bargaining app for Shopping and Servicing

You saw a beautiful product but can’t find it anywhere? Then, click a photo and send it across to our dignified sellers, and we will get you the right deal!

So, don’t miss to invite your friends, colleagues and family to join you for negotiating online

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