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Cooking Is a Therapy

Someone extremely wise said, “Good food is a good mood.”
Have you been feeling low lately?
Is there anything that is troubling you?
Is there a worry on your mind?
Are you missing the Rhythm of life?
Don’t worry! Just move to your kitchen and let your chef’s hands spread the magic. Yes, you read it right. Get the best of the works in your kitchen, light a fire on your stove, toss in some colourful veggies, throw in a splash of rich spices, and there! You have just found your very own therapy center.
From chopping to marinating there is a rhythm. The fragrance of those species increases your cravings.

That’s the reason we say “cooking is therapy.

You might as well want to try baking something. Why not take some chocolate powder, You know you don’t really need to be a master chef to experience cooking therapy.

Just get your feel right and a little curiosity goes a long way my dear almost Chef, I promise! You might not really surpass at the first item you cook and it might taste bland but baby steps mate, you have to strive and attain one satisfactory recipe, that’s it!

There is no looking back, trust me, all you are going to watch is cooking recipes from all over the world, read and pry about cuisines and learn how to pronounce their strange and funny names. You might not be able to take a lot of time to cook but you will cultivate an interest that will help you in the long run. Cooking has its own benefits – you get to heave a sigh of relief and others get to enjoy the highly sophisticated and peculiarly distinctive food.

People have just exaggerated the value of how cleaning helps relieve your stress, seems like they just haven’t tried their hand at cooking and baking. Baking can seem to be a whole new level of hard work and complications; I am not at all going to deny that.

It indeed is complicated but again an extremely wise human once said “Don’t Practice until you get it right; practice until you can’t get it wrong”. Baking is one thing that will offer you immense delight with the outcome may it be something sweet or savoury. It’s an art not everyone can master but the ones who try are never going back to not baking ever.

You bake or cook you’ll definitely be going to enjoy it!

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