Can COVID-19 spread through food?

Have you lately stopped eating outside or ordering food from your favorite restaurant because you think you might catch Covid-19 through it?

Did your best friend offer you a treat from that favorite food joint of yours but you had to refuse because you are scared of Covid-19?
If your answer is a yes, keep reading further.
With one of the most uncertain situations we all have ever witnessed, there are so many questions lurking in our heads. While we suggest you go to an authentic govt. Websites and resources for every other question that you have, if there is any confusion in your mind related to food and transmission of coronavirus, don’t look any further.

All your questions like,
“Should I eat this? Will it make me more vulnerable towards catching the virus?”
“Should I let my son eat this? Is it safe for him?”
“My daughter is craving her favorite pizza? What if she catches the virus by eating it?”
“We are all so bored of eating at home all the time. But, should I take the risk of ordering an eatable from outside?”
No Answers?
Don’t Worry!

We are going to bust the biggest myth around Covid-19 that’s doing rounds in your mind.
As per the World Health Organization, WHO, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.Most people who are infected tend to show flu-like symptoms and it is only right to consult a Medical Practitioner as soon as possible if a person has even mild symptoms.
With Covid-19 being a world level pandemic and one of its kind in the history of the current generation, there came a lot of fear around it. One aspect of it that must be looked into is IF COVID-19 CAN SPREAD VIA FOOD?
As per the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, there is no evidence supporting the fact that this virus can spread through food. It is extremely unlikely that one can catch the disease via food. The virus that causes Covid-19 cannot grow on food and water. While there is no substantive evidence to prove that Covid-19 can spread via food, we must take certain precautionary measures (source:
While it is not advisable, during the current time, to go out and eat as often, there is a wide misconception that this is so because the virus might enter your body through food. As supported by CDC, coronavirus does not spread via food, but that does not mean that you are all free to step out. While the virus can not be transmitted via food, you have to keep in mind that when you step out, you are vulnerable to touching surfaces that might expose you to the virus. With Shopoholic Buddy, that worry is laid off. You have the choice of diving into the best of the tastes at the safety of your house. You don’t have to jump out and risk at all in order to honor your taste buds with the best tastes around and about. Scroll through our app, find out the dishes you love, don’t even bother about the ingredients and there we present to you – SAFEST & YUMMIEST MEAL.

While ordering food from Shopoholic Buddy, you can be satisfied with the fact that utmost care has been taken while packing the stuff because WE CARE. We care for you as much as we care for what you eat. In the interest of your health and safety, you might consider keeping in track following points while ordering from an outside/online source:

  1. Opt for Contactless Delivery:
    The first and the foremost conscious step that you can take while ordering food online is to go for options of contactless delivery where the delivery boy keeps the package at your door, rings the bell and leaves.
  2. Opt for Online payment/Cashless options:
    This comes up to be a prerequisite if you want to choose a contactless delivery. Make sure the payment is done online, via card or your other digital payment options. You can decrease the chances of catching the virus by 50-70% with this.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly after taking food out of the packing:
    The virus doesn’t spread via food but the surface of the bags that it comes in might carry a passive virus which has the capacity to become active if it enters a human body. Keeping in mind this, make sure you wash your hands for a minimum of 20 sec. after you unpack the food.
  4. Transfer the food to your home cutlery:
    Go one step ahead in taking care of your health and safety and make sure that you transfer the food in your home cutlery before you start eating it. Make sure there is no contact between the food and the packaging.
    As a responsible citizen, one must ensure taking all the precautions, but at the same time keep in mind that fear only paralyzes your mind. The questions regarding food that have been haunting you all this while are nothing but fear. If you take conscious steps towards ensuring your own safety and that of your family and friends, you can take your vulnerability to near zero. The practical aspect of the situation is that the virus can be anywhere and everywhere.
    But if you keep the below said things in mind, you will be in a better position to ensure your safety:
    • Being scared is the last thing that you should do
    • It is a global pandemic and it can happen to anyone, including you but that doesn’t mean it will happen to you
    • If you take precautions enough (not stepping out is the most important one), you decrease the probability of being affected by a fair percentage
    • The number of recoveries worldwide is increasing every day
    • Put your most optimistic shoes on
    It is okay to feel the fear, but it’s not okay to get absorbed in it. Don’t suppress the fear but don’t let it overpower either.
    Be wise!

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