ShopOholic-Buddy Ecommerce Platform
(Android and iOS App)

Shop online as never before - Bargain and Demand the product you want. Sit back relax and choose the best out of the Bids you receive.

Bargain Online
Chat with Merchants
Demand and Get Bids from sellers

Contactless Order Management System
(Order Buddy:OMS)

Amazing contact less QR code based web menu for Restaurants, Food Courts and Hotels in-room dining, which enables your customers a seamless contact less ordering system, now your customers can order their food from anywhere in your property, Additionally your business gets an amazing fully integrated – OMS,POS and Kitchen management ecosystem.
if you want to try our OMS for free
contact us here:

Paper Less - Point of sales
(Order Buddy - POS)

Now your business will sell even when your shop is closed.
You can use our single POS interface to sell in your offline shop as well as 24X7 online with Our unique POS, we connect your inventory to offline selling as well as online E-Com platforms like “ShopOholic-Buddy” all in one console. if you want to join out Merchant Fleet and want to sell online contact us at

Chef Buddy Box

Chef Buddy Box = Top Chef's Recipe + herbs, rice, bread and vegetables etc. + oil and masalas.
A Box of Happiness - Now Cooking is so much more fun.

No Hustle Just Yum.

ShopOholic Business App

this Wonder App enables your business with Hi-Tech App platform, it's all free for free-lancers.
Download "ShopOholic Business" App
for Freelancers : Enables you to manage and publish your Hourly rate along with booking calendar.
For SME : it enables your cloud kitchen / Shop to track the deliveries live on google Map.

Our Merchant Fleet

We are inviting all amazing brands to connect with us and lets create a new era of shopping with Online Bargaining / Bidding, Now you can keep the direct contact with your online customer, Our Delivery service if free for merchants, our charges are lowest, if you want to join our Merchant Fleet and want to sell online contact us at:


  • A platform to connect people to people and make their life happier.
  • This App provides service Hunt to let you demand what you want in one click, it connects you to the best match for your service need with experts advise bids. You can chat and negotiate the cost and book the slot as per your choice.
  • This App provides Product Hunt to let you demand what you want in one click, it connects you to the best buddy match for your need with experts advise based bids. You can chat and negotiate the cost and get the product delivered to your door steps..

We offer


Demand what you want rather then spending hours online and search, let our experts offer you the best options for you to choose from. Don't need to agree on listed price, Go ahead and bargain the best offer 🙂 its you who is buying - Don't compromise.

Chat, Bargain and Buy

We are different, we are humans, and because humans like to talk, we bring you exclusive online Chat and Bargain feature where you can negotiate the best price ONLINE too.. it's you who is buying - Don't Compromise.



Ms. Rama Shrivastava
Founder & CEO

Comes with 15 years of experience in leadership position of several companies in telecom, hospitality industries.